Decluttering and Downsizing Tips

You might have already heard about the KonMarie method about decluttering and tidying up your home. Get ready to spark joy in your home by clearing out clutter with these handy tips!


1. Focus on the Benefits of Decluttering and Downsizing

As you begin the process of decluttering and downsizing, its important to remind yourself of the freedom that it will actually bring. You will not have a surplus of physical things weighing you down or taking precious space, both in your home and in your mind mentally. Focus on what you can gain instead of losing. Downsizing can lower mortgage or rent every month, making way for budget to other things such as travelling and or other expenses in your home.


2. Needs vs Wants

This sure is a tough one, but when you’re deciding to downsize, you need to shift your focus to the things that are essential to your everyday life. A good rule to follow would be the one year rule and it applies to all items in your home. If you haven’t used an item in over a year, there are chances that you won’t be using it this year too. Start by sorting out your items by category. Go through clothing, shoes, appliances, books and then focus on the sentimental items last.


3. “Does it spark joy?”

You might have known by now that Maria Kondo’s catchphrase is “Does it Spark Joy?” Her idea behind the concept is if an item doesn’t bring you joy, you must not hold on to it anymore. To apply this principle, focus first on the easy items to remove then working way up to the items you’ve been hoarding. While possessions can act as an extension of one's self, sometimes one can hold on to items that haven’t been used in years, leading to the said clutter in your home.


4. Use Effective Storage Options

Think outside the box and challenge your creativity by using different storage configurations to maximize the living space in your home. Options could be the hide-away bins under your bed, storage benches in entryways, closet shelves and many more! Your imagination is the limit!


5. Every Item Should Have a Place

Just how you have a place for utensils in your home, everything else should also have its proper storage unit. For example, if you found a random spoon in the bathroom or under the couch, it pretty much doesn’t belong there and you’d immediately put it back to its drawer without a lot of thought. Everything in your home should be in its place and if an item occupies no specific location when its not in use, it becomes clutter.