Signs That a Home Might Be the One For You

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You might have heard of the saying about the number of fish there is in the ocean, the ocean of prospective dates and partners. The same goes for homes on the market. Even with the heat of the real estate market, its common for a buyer to visit a dozen or more homes before finding the right one for them. These numbers can be daunting and down right frustrating. So the question is, how do you know which one you should make your home? Here are the signs that a home you’re viewing right now is “The One” for you. Let’s get to it!


You feel possessive about the property. 

No matter how long you’ve been house hunting, you’ll get a surge of energy to do whatever it takes to make a house yours when you encounter “The One.” You’ll start to feel competitive when other buyers are checking the place. You’ll be wanting to know the numbers and offer logistics at a private viewing. So, if you walk into the property and leave with your mind set on making it yours, it might be the one for you.


Flaws become Quirks

If you find yourself viewing a home with traits that you deem undesirable, but you like the place so much that it doesn't matter to you, then it might be the one for you. Though be aware of the "Pottery Barn Psychosis" wherein buyers are hypnotized by the aesthetics of a wonderfully staged home with an amazing curb appeal. Also, throwing away reasonable guidelines out of the window because the house is just so beautiful is a way to go into disaster. In order to prevent this, write down your absolute musts and deal-breakers before you step inside of a property.


You feel like you’re at home

If you find yourself like you’re at home during a property viewing, then the home might be the one for you. The way you measure the room to make sure that a piece of furniture can fit in. You feel relaxed and are feels that you never left home, that’s it., that’s the one! Also, you’ll lose interest in viewing other properties after seeing the right one for you.


You’re okay with the home’s kitchen and bathroom.

Other people’s kitchens and bathrooms hold a gross-out potential. There are some things about those rooms that can be exceptionally intimate and even unsanitary. So if you happen to be comfortable with a home’s kitchen and bathroom, then the house is definitely the one for you.


Everything spent is worth it

Home buying is expensive and very time consuming. Your years of tight budgeting and earning have given you the place where you really want to be in and stay in it, even if through those years of budgeting you get home with a microwavable dinner after a hard day’s work just to hold back some of your budget for your new home. So if you view a home this way, then my friend, you have found the one!