4 Ways for your Home to "Spark Joy"

During the days of KonMari along with other methods to keep your home organized, it can be easy to get lost and end up with a home messier than when you started. We’ll be taking a look at the things that a couple stopped doing for them to finally achieve the zen, tidy space that they wanted. Spoiler Alert: It only takes a few minutes each day!


Organize Your Laundry

Let’s face it. Most people have a chair where all of their laundry goes. Letting laundry pile up is one of the best ways to ruin your tidiness. If you start by not putting away one shirt in the morning, it’s easy to pile your clothes throughout the week and having a laundry basket untouched. Try the KonMari Method style of folding clothes that lets you organize drawers like a professional! If your goal is a tidy home, break the habit of not putting away your clothes right as they come out of the dryer. You’ll feel better instantly!


Refrain From Over Decorating

Over decorating is the most common way to make your home feel untidy. If every inch of space is covered with decor, you’re most likely to feel overwhelmed and let things pile up (like your laundry). Here’s your chance to implement some minimalism and tidy up at the same time. Take some time to read a page off of Marie Kondo’s book and ask yourself “Does This Bring Me Joy?” when assessing what to keep and what to remove.


Don’t Forget to Make Your Bed

This may seem insignificant, but this small change can set you up for success! If you take a little extra time to make your bed in the morning, you’ll fell more productive and the whole bedroom tidier! Now. take that productiveness to the next level and conquer the rest of the mess in your home.


Leave Sentimental Items for Last

A thing that the couple learned from Marie Konde is that it is best to start small when it comes to tidying up. Start with the easy things first.

1. Clothing

2. Books 

3. Papers 

4. Miscellaneous

5. Sentimental items are always last! 

If you begin with the difficult stuff, it may send you down the rabbit hole that you may not be able to get out of.


When you’re going through anything in your home whether it be clothes, souvenirs or anything, an advice is to create three pillars, keep. donate, toss. This will help you sort through your belongings and have a dedicated space for items in your home. When done, you’ll know exactly what to do with everything!