With a small family real estate business in AZ, and a life surrounded by contractors, Meghan has always been attune to the nuances and possibilities in real estate. She understands the personal nature of a real estate investment and takes all of her clients and negotiation very seriously with tact, discretion, creative solutions, and positive energy. Her profound due diligence and aesthetic eye is an asset to any buyer or seller. A a public accountant for high profile and celebrity clients for over seven years, Meghan understands the dynamic interpersonal skills required to satisfy strong expectations with complete discretion. As the CEO of a start-up, she also knows the kind of consistent drive it takes to transform an idea into reality. Meghan thrives on making things happen and is always looking for new and better ways to serve her clients. Meghan is also an avid road biker, hiker, traveler, and is passionate about athletics and music.

The Buyer Experience


1. Preparation

I start by understanding your need, wants, lifestyle, and priorities. Build me your dream life and home. The more I know, the better I can help you find and transition into your new home.


2. Finance Time

How will we finance your new home?

All Cash Offer: A proof of funds from your banker is all we need.

Financing the purchase: A consultation with a qualified loan agent to get pre-approved is the next step. Local lenders with the requisite experience, competence and integrity can be recommended at your request. There are many loan options, and choosing the one that works best for you will depend on several factors including: your finances, future plans, expected monthly housing expenses, available cash for down payment and closing costs, etc. You may also wish to consult your accountant regarding financial and tax implications.


3. Let’s Search For Your New Home!

Let's go house hunting! As we visit different properties, we will not only discuss neighborhoods and property types, but also market trends and pricing. Touring open houses and regularly scheduling private showing will help me fine-tune your needs, wants, and priorities and make the search period as fun and efficient as possible.


4. Break Down The Offer

Once we find a property you love, we'll review the seller's disclosure package. We'll learn as much as we can about the sellers and their realtor, analyze similar recent sales, and build a strategy on how to submit the most competitive offer. I will then write the purchase agreement -part of the offer package- and I will negotiate the best terms and price with the sellers and their realtor.


5. Escrow

Congratulations, your offers has been ratified! This means the seller has accepted your offer, returned the signed contract to us and the contract is now binding. I will create a timeline of next steps and escrow will be opened. Your "good faith" deposit (3% of purchase of price) will then be delivered to escrow, and we will begin our due diligence period based on the terms of the purchase agreement, removing any contingencies as required.


6. Mortgage Process

You have already been load pre-approved, now the lender must approve the specific purchase terms and the property itself. This involves reviews and approval of the purchase contract, ordering the property appraisal, the Preliminary Title Report, and any other required supporting documents. Depending on the lender, the property and specific circumstances, this process typically takes from fourteen to thirty days. Once the lender has ensured all loan approval and closing conditions have been met, we will review and sign the closing documents.


7.Final Walk-Through and Funding

We will schedule the final walk-through of your property -not as a condition of the sale- but to confirm that the property is still substantially the same condition as when you made the offer and that the seller has complied with any additional written obligations regarding the property's condition. You will then submit your final deposit and the lender will fund the loan through Escrow. You're almost there!


8. Closing

Escrow will send the deed to the county assessor's office to be officially recorded. Once on record, escrow is officially closed. Congratulations, the keys are all yours!